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Graffiti Removal & Prevention Products

Whether your community has decorative or commemorative murals, art work which needs protection, or issues with graffiti as a crime, Global Shield Solutions has the right products to protect and maintain your property. Our line of anti-graffiti products are designed for ease of use, cost efficiency and long lasting durability. EnduraGuard AG protected surfaces can be cleaned with high pressure water, light solvents or biodegradable GraffitiClean gel. This self-priming high gloss coating can be used to prevent damage from paints, markers, stains, inks, stickers, sunlight, mold, algae, salt, dirt and more.

  •  Silane based anti-graffiti surface protection
  •  Environmentally friendly graffiti removal gel
EnduraGuard Graffiti Protection

EnduraGuard AG 41 is a two part, epoxy based, high gloss, graffiti, weather and corrosion resistant coating which embodies the characteristics of a high performance epoxy and acrylic polyurethane in one coat. This cost effective coating can be applied via brush, roller or sprayer and provides resistance to acids, corrosion, humidity, chemical splash, inks, paint and many other products.

Available in clear to protect existing surfaces or white to cover up existing graffiti, EnduraGuard AG provides years of protection from graffiti and environmental issues.

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GraffitiClean Removal Gel

GraffitiClean is a biodegradable gel cleaner consisting of a blend of organic detergents and emulsifiers formulated and designed for graffiti removal on porous and nonporous vertical surfaces. Graffiti Clean complements the EnduraGuard 41 AG product line and can also be used to remove spray paints, permanent marker and other stains from a variety of substrates.

This easy to apply gel is used by public transportation systems, subways, schools, hotels, retail chains and a host of other customers who need to remove graffiti in an efficient and environmentally responsible way.

Instant Dry Erase Surface

Turn any surface into a high performance dry erase board by using EnduraGuard AG 41 in WHITE to create a fully functional white board.

Apply EnduraGuard AG41 CLEAR over any colored surface to create high performance dry erase surfaces at a fraction of the cost of traditional white or glass type dry erase boards.

Complementary Products
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