SD Sport - 1 Gallon Container
SD Sport - 1 Gallon Container

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Stop objectionable odors and microbes on athletic equipment before they begin. SD Sport is specially formulated for use on all types of athletic equipment to inhibit the growth of odor-causing and equipment-damaging molds, bacteria, and mildew. Using the same core EPA registered antimicrobial active ingredient and technology as SD 90 and SD 90+. Surface Defense Sport can work for up to 90 days per application. This non-leaching technology cannot be absorbed by the skin and will not harm the environment. Use in footwear, on hockey equipment, in gloves, on padding, in helmets, in gym and equipment bags, in lockers, and on any athletic equipment. SD Sport is ready to use for direct application by the consumer using a trigger sprayer, a lint-free microfiber cloth, or our battery powered electrostatic sprayers. SD Sport is a Treated Article under US EPA FIRA regulations and is an approved disinfectant in multiple international markets.