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How It Works

Sterile Doctor™ controls bacteria, viruses, fungi and mold which can cause sickness, stains, odors or surface damage, through a physical mode of action that neutralizes microbes which come in contact with treated surfaces. The positive ionic charge in the antimicrobial active attracts microbes to a treated surface and physically ruptures their cell membranes. The active ingredient is stabilized with surface tension releasers and other ingredients to bond it to almost any surface, making the entire material antimicrobial. The unique chemistry offers an industry leading level of performance for long term efficacy and durability.

Where most commercial antimicrobials, cleaners and disinfectants are primarily effective only when wet, Sterile Doctor™ provides continuous protection for extended periods of time. Because it bonds to a treated surface at the molecular level, Sterile Doctor™ is not removed by routine cleaning processes, and traditional cleaning products will not adversely impact its’ performance. Sterile Doctor™ has been demonstrated to neutralize or significantly reduce the levels of microbes on treated surfaces for up to twelve months or longer with a single application.

Spray Application Technology

Sterile Doctor is a revolutionary nanotechnology treatment whose EPA-registered active ingredient is a proprietary silane-based antimicrobial. When properly applied to any surface, Sterile Doctor bonds to that surface at the molecular level, thus making the entire material antimicrobial for extended periods of time. Our products are proven to protect surfaces across a wide array of environments by controlling surface-damaging bacteria, viruses, fungi and mold.
Long term applications are applied by our certified technicians with our proprietary electrostatic spray technology. Through this process, we assure that all areas are covered with the appropriate amount of product to ensure a long lasting efficacy. Due to the unique chemistry of the product, surface penetration and adherence to a substrate are optimized while the carbon nano-swords have been engineered to withstand greater levels of wear and tear when compared to other products in the market. Regular cleaning of treated surfaces with standard cleaning chemicals will not impact the performance of the application.

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Eco-friendly, "Green" and Safe"

Sterile Doctor is environmentally friendly, non-flammable and less toxic than vitamin C. It has a 0.0 (Least) HMIS hazard rating with regard to health and reactivity dangers. Access Our MSDS Sheet ▸

Sterile Doctor eliminates the need for potentially harmful chemicals. Unlike chemical disinfectants, and silver- or triclosan-based antimicrobial treatments, Sterile Doctor’s proprietary silane treatment is a non-leaching non-sacrificial technology.

In sacrificial technologies, the active chemical agents lose part of their molecular structure in the destruction of targeted organisms, sometimes releasing harmful byproducts into the environment and into our bodies. In the case of non-sacrificial technologies (such as silane), the process does not require the active ingredient to be compromised and leaching does not occur. And because the target organism does not metabolize Sterile Doctor™, microbes are unlikely to develop resistance compared to other antimicrobials with different mechanisms of action.

Comparative Analysis
Sterile Doctor Silane-based Silver-based Triclosan-based
Mode of action Physically ruptures cell membrane Releases ionic free radicals that react with cell DNA and disrupt critical life processes in the cell. Releases bischlorinated phenol (PCB) for consumption or cellular absorption causing lethal mutations in the cell.
Durability Semi-Permanent to Permanent Embedded in or on fiber binder or coating. Embedded in or on fiber binder or coating.
Cost Economical Expensive Moderate
Adaptive organisms Does not promote adaptive organisms Can create adaptive zones. Can create adaptive zones.
In-plant safety/handling Mild eye irritation Harmful if inhaled, harmful if absorbed through skin, moderate eye irritation. Moderate eye irritation, harmful if absorbed through skin, avoid contact with skin, eyes, or clothing. Do not breathe dust

Sterile Doctor Technology is based on a unique antimicrobial technology that effectively controls and ruptures surface-damaging bacteria, viruses, fungi and mold on a wide variety of treated articles and substrates. The base active ingredient is registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and comparable regulatory bodies around the world.

Through extensive studies, this technology was found to be effective against a broad spectrum of viruses, bacteria, fungi, algae and mold. Test information on the Sterile Doctor web site and/or provided by GSS has been prepared in response to numerous requests for a list of microorganisms against which the technology is effective. They were selected to provide a test spectrum which is representative of significant types and varieties of microorganisms.

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