Global Shield Solutions, LLC dba SD Labs
Protecting Your Environment


Our vision is to bring our unique antimicrobial based coatings and complimentary products to global marketplaces while operating with integrity and being sensitive to our customers, employees, stakeholders and humanity.


The mission of Global Shield Solutions is to create a true “Global Shield” of protection through the application of cutting-edge, cost efficient, eco-friendly cleaning, disinfecting and surface coating solutions which comprise our CLEAN 2.0 approach.

We believe that the present threats posed by surface-damaging bacteria, fungi, mold and other microorganisms can be significantly reduced, and are dedicated to driving the efforts to achieve this around the globe. Global Shield Solutions is committed to educating and supporting our clients to enable them to create a better environment for their customers, employees and families.

Company History

Global Shield Solutions was conceived by a like-minded group of medical, technology, marketing and sales professionals in 2013 who had a vision to make a difference in the world through the introduction of proven, innovative, environmentally-friendly products to help protect surfaces in our homes, offices, schools, hospitals and public areas. Global Shield Solutions, purchased the assetts of the former Sterile Doctor, LLC and SD Labs, LLC organizations in November of 2015 and is now an integrated manufacturing, distribution and solutions organization strategically positioned to support the growing demand for a variety of new surface cleaning, disinfecting and coating products around the world. Global Shield Solutions filed a dba as Global Shield Solutions, LLC dba SD Labs in February of 2016.

Founding Partners:

Frank J. Catapano, Chief Executive Officer
Steven W. Carr, MD, Partner
Lisa A. Carr, RN BSN, Partner
Joseph DeVito, Ph.D, Partner


The Honorable Dr. Steven L. Johnson, Former Administrator of the US EPA

William Spanos, Esq.

Wee Ming Yeo, Ph.D. Molecular Microbiologist
Professor Armando Celso R. Fabriani, Ph.D.
Mario Goncalves, MBA