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It’s often said that Americans have a love affair with restaurants: Over 70 billion restaurant meals are served each year in the United States, and more than 47% of every dollar spent on food is spent in the country’s restaurants, delis, cafeterias and catering halls. On any given day four in ten Americans will eat at least one meal in a foodservice establishment. Unfortunately, for too many of those restaurant customers, eating out can get them more than just a meal: the Center for Disease Control estimates that annual foodborne illnesses can be as high as 48 million. While that figure is based on projections of unreported illness, hard data from the CDC points to over 1,000 annual outbreaks of foodborne illness in recent years. Foodborne illnesses such as salmonella, E. coli, norovirus, listeria and shigella can occur in the cleanest restaurant or foodservice establishment.

One of the most common forms of transmission in foodservice settings is through contaminated contact surfaces. As a recent exposé by ABC illustrated, microbes are often transferred from contact surfaces in the dining areas by guests who had previously sat in the same seats.By using our E Water equipment to kill vast array of pathogens on a frequent basis, with an annual application of SD Pro to continually combat bacteria that can cause damage, stains and odors, foodservice providers can improve the overall environment in their facilities, save costs and reduce toxic chemical use while improving their customer's experience. E Water can be used to disinfect all food contact surfaces and can also be used to help sanitize and preserve food products.

"Table tops, bars, seats, menus, and salt and pepper shakers have been shown to have some of the highest microbial colony counts in the restaurant. "

SD Labs has a plan for foodservice establishments designed to help mitigate the contamination of surfaces where stain and odor causing bacteria, fungi and mold can grow. Common treatment areas include: dining tables, refrigerated storage areas, refuse areas, restrooms and floors.

SD Labs' approach is to apply a long-lasting coating on critical areas to protect them from surface damaging bacteria, fungi and mold typically lasting up to twelve months from a single application and use our E Water product as needed to quickly kill harmful pathogens.

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The SD Labs Approach: Proactive and Environmentally Friendly

The SD Labs approach is to proactively control the proliferation of surface-damaging bacteria, fungi and mold on surfaces and touchpoints within foodservice environments. Our long-lasting SD Pro technology provides a cost-effective solution

that is colorless, odorless and “green”. Large areas can be treated quickly and efficiently to minimize disruption to facilities of this type. Most important, is the fact that while traditional disinfectants work while wet, there is no protection between cleanings. Surfaces can become

re-contaminated immediately after cleaning. By contrast, SD Pro works continuously 24/7 for up to twelve months or more from a single application. This unparalleled level of coating performance is a powerful tool in the fight against bacteria, mold and fungi which can cause stains, odors or deterioration of surfaces.