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SD Labs products can be used safely and effectively in a variety of applications, including residential, hospitality, healthcare, restaurant, public transportation, medical offices, day care centers, correctional facilities, athletic facilities, fitness centers, schools, food manufacturing, boating and many more.

"It is time to revisit how we maintain the cleanliness of surfaces by applying new solutions to a stagnated industry ."

For the Consumer

In addition to commercial applications of SD Pro by our factory certified technicians or partners, SD Labs offers a 32 ounce SD ST spray bottle product designed for the individual consumer. With an efficacy range of up to three months, this affords consumers the ability to impart a coating on surfaces at work, at home or on-the-go.


SD Labs' coating technology is an effective tool for controlling the growth of surface-damaging bacteria, fungi and mold both inside and outside the home.

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With SD Auto PLUS, vehicle owners and renters have access to a new and exciting feature: A coating that is protected against surface-damaging bacteria, fungi and mold PLUS a stain repellent that can be applied to touch points within your vehicle's interior, protecting them from damage associated with spills and dirt.

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Schools and daycare centers can be breeding grounds for a variety of problems including mold. SD Labs can help in mitigating potential surface danger zones by applying our surface coating technology in concert with normal disinfecting treatments to help protect treated surfaces from bacteria, mold and fungus that can cause odors, stains and surface damage.

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Athletic facilities continually need to manage odors and mold throughout the facility. Whether it’s a professional team’s clubhouse, a school athletic facility or a local fitness center, SD Labs can help.

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Mold and bacterial odors can occur in the cleanest restaurant or foodservice establishment. At SD Labs we have a proactive plan for foodservice establishments that will instill good will with patrons and staff.

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Within our country’s correctional facilities overcrowding, poor personal hygiene and other factors contribute to untenable conditions. SD Labs offers products, surface coating treatments and equipment strategies to help mitigate many of the environmental challenges these facilities face.

The SD Labs Process
  • Perform an on-site analysis of your current environment's surface microbial colony counts
  • Develop an application strategy that helps meet your needs
  • SD Labs products are applied by factory certified technicians using proprietary equipment to maximize coverage and reduce costs
  • Perform follow-up analysis to validate results and assure continuity of protection
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