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  • SD Labs Welcomes our Malaysian Distributor, Stoika, of Kuala Lumpur to our Family. March 4, 2019

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  • SD Labs Executes MOU with Leading Saudi Company at the Saudi-US CEO Forum
    March 28, 2018

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  • SD Labs SD Pro Approved by NRCS as Long Lasting Disinfectant in South Africa
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SD PROTECTED - Antimicrobial Based Disaster Recovery and Prevention Solutions

SD Labs offers a unique family of products, services and equipment to help contractors and consumers clean and disinfect facilities of all types, and to remediate and control surface damaging and odor-causing mildew, mold, bacteria and algae caused by flooding, high humidity, and poor cleaning practices. We have created customized plans and implemented discounted pricing to help you and your customers recover from these types of disasters. Please contact us to assist you in selecting the best solutions to help with your disaster recovery and environmental cleanup efforts.

We can be reached at +1 844 MICROBE (642-7623) Extension 700 or email us at

Protecting Your Environment with SD Labs™ Technologies
SD PRO and SD 90+Persistent Antimicrobial Based Coatings for Your World

Cost-effective long-term commercial applications serving

a broad spectrum of industries including healthcare, hospitality, athletic facilities, education, residential, restaurants, transportation and more.  Learn More ▸

SD AUTO and !ON GUARD!Protection On-the-Move

Our SD Auto and !ON GUARD! surface coatings can provide protection of your vehicle's or boat's interior surfaces and HVAC systems for months.  Learn More ▸

SD ST,  SD 90, and Mold Mitigator
Protection On-the-Spot

Control surface damaging and stain and odor-causing bacteria at home and work. These self-applied surface treatments provide a durable coating that lasts for up to 90 days or more to combat microbial growth and stop odors at their source.


Protection On the Field and in the Locker Room

Specially formulated to mitigate odors on athletic gear and equipment, SD Sport eliminates and controls the growth of bacteria and mildew that causes these odors for up to 90 days per application without using toxic chemicals.

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Long Lasting

SD Pro provides up to 12 months of continuous activity from just a single application.

Reduce Chemical Use

SD Labs™ products reduce or eliminate the need for harsh chemicals that can be harmful to humans and the environment.

Safe & Green

SD Labs™ surface coating products use non-leaching eco-friendly technologies that work differenty than traditional disinfectants and cleaners.